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The newest business unit addition, ODEM Built Environment, supports your real estate and construction project by providing quantity surveying services at the design stages, continuing through the building stages, including facilities management and infrared thermography services to maintain your building. Our director, Keive Wilson, has over Twenty (20) years of experience in the construction and building management industries.


Based in Mandeville, the heartland of Jamaica, the business offers direct services and sub-contracted quantity surveying support to established quantity surveyors and quantity surveying firms. This unique geographic location allows reliable attention and feedback for equally important projects situated remotely from the corporate areas of Kingston and Montego Bay. The business also provides QS office workload alleviation in the form of preliminary and construction cost estimates, quantity take-off, bills of quantities production, tender documentation, tender evaluation and reporting, post-contract QS support, interim valuation site visits, and certificate documentation. ODEM Built Environment also provides the evaluation of variations and contractual claims, project cost monitoring and reporting, final accounting, and project cost history reports.


We offer both Quantity Surveying and Infrared Thermography Services.

  • Quantity Take-off and Bill of Quantities Production

  • Cost Engineering and Budget Estimating

  • Building Construction Contracts

  • Tender Evaluation and Reporting

  • Post Contract Cost Management [valuing variations, payment certificates, and cost reports]

  • Final Accounting

  • Cost Reporting

  • Life Cycle Costing

  • Contract Law and Legal Advice


We combine the knowledge of traditional quantity surveying practices with modern tools and systems for a comprehensive and effective               service offering.

    We carry out Infrared Inspections and report on electrical installations, HVAC systems, building envelopes, Mechanical installations, rotating        equipment and more. We can detect Overloaded Circuits, Loose/Deteriorated Connections, Air Leakage, Moisture Intrusion, Energy Loss, and

    Defective (Missing, Damaged or Failed) Insulation.  Our service provision usually covers the following:

  • Diagnostics using thermal imaging

  • Root Cause Analysis

  • Predictive/Preventive Maintenance support


As part of our operations team, we currently have the expertise of an Infraspection Institute Certified Level III Infrared Thermographer®.



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